Devlog #2 - Ver 1.2 is OUT!

Hey everyone! 
I'm so so SO happy to say that the campaign ended and the second stretch goal was even reached before it ended! During that time the campaign was ending and even afterward I've been working on updating the demo. I've also gotten a lot of good feedback through the feedback form so I really appreciate all the helpful info I got! I even got some more insight from seeing Let's Plays of Skate & Date and boy lemme tell ya - I feel like there's so much that needs to be fixed now. Last Thursday I ended up showing Skate & Date at Playcrafting's Spring Play event in New York and I fixed some of the problems at least. Here's a less wordy version of what's going on.

What I realized needs to be fixed:
The difficulty. It's hard to get a good ending because the goal score for the first level is too high! ( Especially since this game isn't your average rhythm game)
- Stale continues to confuse people. The reason I have stale in here is because I want this rhythm game to make the player make their own beats that go along with the song, however if you spam the spacebar there needs to be some type of consequence which is what stale is suppose to be.
- Follow up to the last one, stale needs to have more of an affect on the story for when you get a LOT of stales.
- There's no explanation for the meter at all! It shows you if you beat the level or not.
- The beat position should be moved
- The UI needs to be more organized and more one place rather than all over the place
- The dialogue system I have currently skips lines of text sometimes so I need to fix that.
- The palette of Patricia's team should differ a lot more from Maggie's team
- There's some pesky bugs that occur when restarting the game that I need to find >:l

What I did fix/add!
- The position of the beats!
- Added tutorial to Free Play ( well, Free Skate) mode.
- Put in the ending title if it's good or bad.
- Made the beats closer to the song - but I purposefully made it so it's not exactly
- Lowered the goal score and upped the points mandatory beats give you ( please tell me if it's still hard to get the ending btw you guys)
Changed the wording for some things in the tutorial to hopefully make it more clear.

What still needs to be fixed/added:
- Psychegirl sprites ( Patricia's team mates)
- Make things way more clear for the tutorial
- The two extra levels needs to be built
- UI needs to be fixed
- Dialogue system needs to be improved
- There needs to be mention of the meter! ( I didn't add it yet because of the dialogue system problem)
- And a lot more things that may or may not be added. But I'll keep y'all updated!!

I'm currently finishing up high school still so I may not get to do much Skate and Date updates in May, but in June the final update for the demo WILL be done. And then any other update will be strictly for Kickstarter backers ;P
Until next time! Have a great rest of your day!

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