Skate and Date is a rhythm game about a girl named Maggie having a crush on one of her rivals on the other roller derby team. Your objective: to impress her with your sick roller derby skills!

It's best played when not in full screen mode to avoid confusion of the meter during the rhythm game portions.  Thanks for playing!

Also feel free to comment with feedback/bugs down below!! ( because I'm not perfect at making games especially when there's deadlines to meet)

Known Bugs: 

- If you go to the pattern list screen and back to the game it'll will mute the sound for a few moments.

- If you skip the intro the narrative portion after the first level glitches for the first line. 

 -After making your first choice option during the narrative portion, you need to press return to continue. No text displays at first if you don't hit return.

This game is work in progress and this is the current demo for it.  >v>;;; I originally had a more lengthy narrative portion but had to cut it since I'm putting cooleg portfolio. I'll update it with the actually dialogue I originally had once I like fix the other two levels since I originally had three and now I only have one since that song works the best :^)

P.S. I made all the songs in Logic Pro X but like two of them are short covers of 70s songs. Specifically Boogie Nights(in the title screen) and A Night to Remember ( in the first level)

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Tags70s, funky, lesbians, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Queer, rollerskating

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This game is the Dark Souls of rhythm games (lol). I still have a bit of trouble keeping a steady score (is there any bug with missing all 4 beats?) but it plays great once you get the hang of it!

I (sorta) followed the devlog on the forums and it turned out preeeeeety cool! Will you keep on working on it?

EDIT: Love the chara designs btw

Awww thanks!! c:
And missing all 4 beats should usually decrease the player's score  for not making any beats but maybe I should've made that clear in the game (oops)

Also yeah I'm definitely going to keep working on it! For now though I'm going to take a break from it since I was rushing to get it all done by the deadline and I kinda burned myself out from it all. I'll probably get back to working on it in December.

I like the rhythm system, and how we could choose which beat to follow (well, some combinations at least, from what I understood from playing it?). Made me realize how dependent on visual cues I am for rhythm games, heh.

It would be cool to see this with all the polished animations. Character designs are pretty cute, too. Nice work!

Thank you and thanks for playing it! And yeah I plan to add more possible beat combinations  in the full game. c:

This game is so fun! It's really challenging too, hahaha. I love rhythm games, but I'm honestly so bad at keeping a steady beat. I'm the sort of person who can't clap on time.

But I love how unique this game approaches rhythm games, it allows you to be really creative and musical with it, which is super cool! Also, Maggie is really cute!!

Ahhhh thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!