A small soundtoy where water turns into music. Each of the four colored ice cubes is linked to a different instrument. After putting them into the cauldron, heat them up and change them into water and gas, then cool them down to change them back. 

Tools in order: Freeze,  Heat,  Grab, Reset

Teal - Piano
Green - Vibraphone
Orange - Percussion
Purple - Pad

Ice - Plays sound on collision, no reverb
Water - Plays sound continuously, some reverb
Gas - Plays sound continuously, lots of reverb, unaffected by gravity

X axis - Volume
Y axis - Pitch

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsgensuta, Miles Logan
Made withUnity


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This is really cool!

I love the concept, the tones, and the colors! It was fun to play around with and I passed the link on to my partner who I think will also dig it~