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I'm on the video team for GameLuster and I played the demo for our latest Pride month episode! It was super fun! This concept is really creative. 

Oh my goodness thank you for playing the game! I'm sorry the tutorial skipped like that because that definitely wasn't suppose to happen, but I'm happy that you enjoyed the game!! C:

Love LOVE the concept! My only bit of feedback would be to please add a way to exit/pause the game.

Thanks for the feedback! I've been meaning to add a pause menu in the narrative scenes since it's already in the rhythm game, but I'll probably update the demo this upcoming week with those features C:

The title is all I need to say

We got dem sweet moves...?

You definitely got them the second time around. Thanks for playing my game!! :^)

A quite fun and cute game, I would recommend it. Tough as Bridgs says the symbols were more incorporated in the actual flow of the match.

Thank you and thanks for the feedback! :D I'm still brainstorming on how to incorporate the symbols more in the scene so there will eventually be an update with that.

Im looking forward to see what you come up with! : 3

Super cute and lovely! I wish the symbols of the rhythm game where a little more incorporated into the scene, cuz as-is I spent the first half of the derby with my eyes plastered to those symbols before I realized I could look up and see the lovely animations

Thanks for the compliments and the feedback! c: And yeah I probably should try and work on that.