When you feel anxious at a party talking to people can feel like a battle and that's exactly what this is.
Except your a slime girl going to a party with a lot of other people, including monster girls.

What could possibly go wrong?

Made with Twine(specifically using the sugarcode format)
If you find any bugs or typos please let me know!!


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This was fun! I liked the conversational system for basic attacks and felt like it could be a thing that extended to the topics of discussion (I like me some action commands).

I did encounter some bugs when I lost to the centaur and the satyr respectively, here's a sample:

Ahh thanks for the feedback and for pointing out the bug! I accidentally programmed like I was in Unity at some parts which caused the bug :'^) but it should be fixed now! 

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this game was rly cute and i loved it! <3 the battle system was great it fits the theme of how every social activity is so hard haha
oh btw were there multiple endings for the game? :>


Thank you so much for the compliments!! And I learned about this gamejam kind of late so I didn't have time to make multiple endings buuut I may add some in later C: