Kissing Your Homies Goodnight is game made for NYU Game Center's Major Studio Fall Class. It was created within a week and the prompt for this week was to create a game using only one button

To play the game all you need is the space bar! You press down to try to intimidate your homie ( and to stop the line on the top bar from moving) and you let go of the space bar to try and go in for a smooch! 

All the art and code I did myself. The song I made from using samples from this humble bundle. The sound effects were from NYU Game Center's audio resource folder and from The wrong sfx I got from here and the transition sfx that plays everytime the level restarts is from here.

Last little note I want to add is that the screen looks the way it does because I was mainly testing this out as a mobile game to better understanding how building a game for an android device works, so my apologies if the screen feels a tad weird on webgl.

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsLGBT, LGBTQIA, one-button, Queer, Short
AccessibilityOne button


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Hello! I bought this game via Queer Games Bundle and I LOVE the music and how cute this whole thing is! I'd really like to buy the soundtrack for this - where can I do that?

Aw thank you!! You can download the song for free on soundcloud actually c:


I am both charmed by this concept + execution and saddened, because now it's making me think about how I haven't kissed any of my homies goodnight recently. 


this is soooooooo cute, can't wait til I can next hang out w my homie so I can kiss him goodnight

I really loved this! Who doesn't kiss the homies goodnight? I think the gameplay is really well set up and I liked the way you have to kiss before you get kissed. The screen orientation as well didn't really affect my enjoyment and i think this would be great on mobile. My only minor complaint is maybe the bloom effect on the hearts after a kiss happens should be a little bit faster, as i want to keep playing as soon as possible.

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This is absolutely killing. I love your characters so much. Playing the game makes me want to kiss someone, which is great. Games are supposed to bring love, not hate, to our society.

OK, back to the game. I think one thing that you can take advantage of is to make the tutorial better. I'm hooked by the concept, that's why I read through your entire start screen, but I don't think an average player would have the patience to read it through. (unfortunate for them, though) - Frank


This is so wonderful! The title alone is brilliant, and you've executed on the concept so strongly. The amount of different charecters and dialogue continually surprised and charmed me, and the fact that the CPU is playing as well led to so many cute moments where I fumbled around awkwardly trying to be affectionate only for the other person to beat me too it.

My only slight issue is the minigame itself, which isn't to say its bad. It's simplicity puts the focus on the strong aesthetic work you're doing, and it allows for the multiple game states you created. It just doesnt fully congeal with the rest of the game, and I think even just making it slightly smaller and cleaner would help alot.

But truly to your credit, you manage to capture a very specific vibe of trying to ascertain how intimate you should be in a social situation with someone you like, and you make it look easy. Really incredible work, and would love to see the concept expanded.

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This is so unbelievably cute! And I'm impressed at the presence of an actual learning curve in such a simple and effective game. 

It took me a minute to get used to holding down and catching the line before it moved out of the smooch zone, and I love that. 

It's such a great way to play with these mechanics, and the art feels really homey (wink wonk). 

ALSO THE HOMIES ARE ADORABLE. King is my favorite!


Holy shit this game is so cute. King is probably my favorite.

The art, the vibe, the concept, the music, all their little expressions, it's such a great little experience!

Since I gotta give some criticism, I'd say that the big block of text in the beginning to explain the rules is kinda intimidating, especially since the execution is actually pretty simple.

Also, for whatever reason (probably because I read left to right so my brain is wired that way) I assumed my guy was the guy on the left for the first bit. I think having your homie's intimidation and smooch bars be on the same visual hierarchical level as yours is a bit clunky for when you first start playing, since your bars are so much more important. So changing that layout would probably improve the experience of this already-great game.


Geneva! I had so much fun with this so great job! :)

Once you get used to the controls, the game becomes super engaging and I really liked the fact that the focus shifts from just seeing "how many homies can I kiss?" to "how fast can I kiss the homies?" 

I will say, though, that the controls were a bit confusing in the beginning. There was a lot of text to explain the mechanics in the beginning, but I think having more UI/texts in the actual game might be helpful to more quickly understand what's going on. 

But yeah! This game was really good. I also really love your attention to detail with how the homie's intimidation can affect the player. Having the meter slow down or freeze because of what the opponent does is really cool and it goes to show how much thought you put into this game! 


Haha this is so great Gen. I love the expressions of the characters, they're very telling and very sweet, as is a trend in your work usually. I think the goal and the input/intent of the game makes sense here, it is very clear to players what they need to do, even if they don't read the directions they can pick up on it as they keep pressing space. The music also complements the game really well, making it fun and casual feeling, along with the sound effects and the hearts that appear after a kiss.

In terms of critique, I would try to spend a bit more time looking into fonts to use for the game and also trying to visually consolidate the user interface elements. For example, having the drop shadow behind the thought bubble be the same depth as the drop shadow behind the sliders would make these two elements feel as if they are part of the same game and not assets ripped from different sources. This correlates to color choice and outline with user interface as well, the sliders on the bars are good but the white outline makes me feel as if the element is from a different game than the sliders they are meant to work with.


loved it. has great feedback from getting the timing right on both. vs gives a sense of urgency. cute game!!