You're an artist dreaming about making a pretty OCs. Instead of starting with what their story is you start with their appearance and think to yourself " Wow what a beautiful person."

( Please read below about the purple buttons. I will change this soon.)

For My First Game Jam
Originally this was going to be a choose your own story thing where you make your own characters but thaaat didn't get done in time.

Dark purple button places pants over and under shirt( like you toggle it)

Light purple button randomizer!

I know this work on Chrome! I don't know if it works on other stuff though.

I may add more clothes and hairstyles overtime if I have time and PLEASE if you find any bugs tell me immediately!!
I'm still an amateur at programming so there's bound to be something unfortunately
But! I'll try and fix it.

Future Plans:

Edit buttons so you don't have to read directions

- Add a save feature

- Make a mobile version?

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