This game was made by GenevaAlekai, and Philip for NYU Game Center's Intermediate Game Development Class

Our game is called Creature Capture, and it is heavily based on the N64 title, Pokemon Snap. In this game, you are a member of a research group that is exploring an undiscovered island and documenting the creatures that inhabit it. It is your job as a photographer to take pictures of these monsters to present to your research group. You will be going up a mountain, down a waterfall, through a jungle, and alongside a beach. Remember to take pictures sparingly as you have a limited amount of film. Once you have fully gone through the map, you will be able to name the creatures, select your best pictures, and submit them for evaluation. During this stage, you will receive points based on how far the monsters are from you, how well positioned they are on the camera, and how many other monsters are in the picture. Some monsters may even award bonus points based on a special pose they do. Try your best to rack up as many points as possible and get a high score! 

Controls: Use “WASD” to move the camera up, left, down, and right. Use the “J” button to zoom in and the “K” button to take a picture. You cannot take a picture unless you have zoomed in, so be sure to press “J” before “K” at all times. The “WASD” keys can also be used to navigate the picture selection screens and “J” being able to actually select the pictures. The entire keyboard can be used when typing in names for the characters. 

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