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*Looks at my Top Score, wiping a single tear out of my face* ... Nice.

JOKES ASIDE, this is soooo cute!! It's the kind of jam game you can't help but love: It's cute, it fits the theme perfectly and it lets you get 69 max score with the greatest of ease.

I do have some observations: I think I managed to transmit info from one person to THREE at the same time, which I can't help but think is a bug. Also, the positioning of some information windows can feel like an unfair trap, since transporting info drains energy quite quickly and light bits are hard to come by!

tl;dr: [That one gif from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure saying "69 DUDE"]

Omg thanks!! I don't remember the highest score I got in the game, but that's probably higher than what I ever had lol. Also thanks for the feedback.'ll try fixing that stuff soon hopefully ;v;