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Gen! I feel like you really nailed the invasive, oppressive feeling of being so exhausted everything feels like gibberish. Brain rot is a pretty unique feeling, and so the fact that you were able to replicate it so well is really dope. One thing I did notice when playing the game was that you are able to kinda just spam sheilds really fast because when the bar runs out, it refills quickly enough for you to put another shield down almost immediately. One way I could see you working around this is to have the shields unplacable until a certain amount of the bar has regenerated, but aside from that, I had a really fun time playing this brain rot, even if it was a little too relatable.


This is super interesting and I am proud to say I made it through my week rot free! I think there is an unsettling nature to this work, and I think that is one of its strongest assets. I think the squish effect on the brain, the warping of the time, and the very disorienting scrolling background make a cohesive identity and align well with the brain rot theming. I am thankful for the inclusion of steadfast and not disorienting daily name cards. They offer a brief reprise from the onslaught of rot and allow me to recenter, while also making me dread what I know to be a more difficult day to come. I really really like the implementation of the binary shield, the description made me a little afraid to use it at first because I wanted to save it for when I really needed it, but once I gave in, I found I could use it to great effect. And the visual and physical feedback from dragging it out and creating it was something I really enjoyed. Although in my personal experience, working with binary rots my brain even more :). If I were to try and add something to this experience, I think it'd be the inclusion of an 'elite' rot enemy type, maybe a different colored word called cso project or something that actively evades your mouse, something to break up the normal waves of rot. I was also considering suggesting an increasing score system but maybe that would defeat the point of the game which feels like it's about surviving instead of trying to get a high score. All in all, thanks for sharing this game! I had fun playing it.

You really managed to build an eerie and unsettling atmosphere with this one, due in no small part to the pulsating brain, scrolling background, garbled text, and choice of music. I found the audio, paired with the day transitions, somewhat reminiscent of Majora's Mask (in the best way). Funnily enough, I only managed to reach the end of the week by ignoring the shield mechanic and going straight for the jumbled sentences. Make of that what you will (maybe the addition of resource management simply distracted me from the main mechanic), but I think some rebalancing might be necessary if you'd prefer the shields to become a more prominent gameplay element. Awesome job overall!

I love the scrolling background, and I think it meshes well with the brain. I do wish the text had a different font that matched the rest of the game more.

Love this. Its like super different I feel like from what I've usually seen of ur stuff but also super strong. It reminds me of the stuff u post on IG in the best way, like a physical pictorial manifestation of such things. The word jumbles are very good and super expressive. I like the music but I wish it looped a bit more smoothly (although this roughness may be intentional, unknown).