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Really solid clone - it looks and feels really similar to the original especially with regard to the enemy movement through Z space. It's nice how enemies really do move on their own and you can actually lose track of them like good enemies should do - I think sometimes they do reach areas where they are impossible to hit, but most of the time they move really well. 

It is a little slow and I wish the max speed was a little faster, and as such the trees are almost a nonfactor since they are easy to dodge at such low speeds. I can't tell if speed increases each level, but having variety between the levels to ramp up difficulty makes it feel authentic.

Overall an accurate recreation of the original. The enemies seem to move in a nice way which prevents them from getting too far but are still constantly moving.

My biggest concern is that the game is very slow. If the game just ran faster I think a lot of things would feel better. Turning in particular seems slow and the game seems to take place on an infinite linear track instead of in a 3D space which is a little disappointing.

Other than the speed the game looks accurate to the original and the basic mechanics are all there. 

This is a great clone Gen! It definitely feels faithful in its art to the original clone, and I really like the way the ai moves similarly to the game, especially the helicopter. Although, I would have to agree with other comments about the speed of the player feeling too slow. And while having the player be a little slower could be fine on it's own, the steering feels very fast in contrast to the speed of the bike making it feel a bit jarring to control.

Overall though, I thought it was a solid clone and had a lot of fun playing it!

Thought this was a solid clone Gen!

I also agree with Miles' comment about it feeling a bit slow, so allowing the player to go faster might be a good idea! 

Another thing is that in the original game, if you shoot while turning, the missile/bullet will also go in the direction that you are turning. I think having a mechanic like that in your clone might help things feel a bit better. It would also help make "aiming" more interesting in your game! 

Had a lot of fun with this one! And I definitely applaud you for making 14 whole rounds as well :)

Hey Gen! Great job with the clone! You nailed the enemy bikers that you have to shoot. They move in a way that feels as though they are trying to avoid the player, but still move in a way that gives players plenty of openings, should they find their way around the trees :)

One critique I have would be that movement feels a bit slow. In the original I felt that I died a lot because when I was at the max speed in order to shoot, I couldn't maneuver around the trees. In your version, while it is easier to stay alive, it takes a bit away from the core "chase" idea of the game.

Still though, great job, you handled some really tough tasks like making those enemies and the random instantiation v well!